Across the Waves

It was hot and muggy, as was normal for August and the breeze from the water was a blessing. The only movement about her, the gentle swirl of the circle cotton skirt, a lifting of her dark hair. She could not move. Even her breathing seemed to have stopped. He looked quite handsome in his uniform as he walked across the plank to board the ship. As he reached the top he turned and their eyes locked. Oh how could it seem so still, so quiet, with the ocean roar, the chains hitting the docks, the buzz of urgency that surrounds a ship about to set sail. Yet it was. As the distance began to widen between them, they stood as if statues. Eyes and thoughts embraced like statues with tears. The spell was only broken by the instinctive touch of her hand to the gleaming pearls around her neck.  He smiled slightly at the gesture. The boys gave him a good ribbing but covered for him when he stole into the night to see the old women. In the village she strung them to sell to sentimental sailors missing their gals. It was worth it. How beautiful she looked in them, or was it how beautiful they looked on her... yes, he knew they belonged there… sharing the beat of her heart....  

Vintage Occupied Japan Glass Pearls from the 1940's...14k gold filled

Joy ~  ~ Ginger

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