Crystals and Stones - Do They Have Powers?

DO YOU BELIEVE? Take Two Stones and Call Me in the Morning!!

by Ginger Baker Thomson


Stones, sage, full moons and crystals conjure up images of cloaked 
mystics burning incense and chanting cryptic phrases by candlelight. Or perhaps you vision a flower child twirling in the daisies. The truth is natural stones and crystals have been used by civilizations all around the world throughout time for metaphysical purposes.  But do they really work? That question will either bring forth expressions like "it's a bunch of crap"  or testimonials from hard core believers. Those believers come from all walks of life. I've known executives that wore amulets under their collars and stone bracelets under their cuffs.
There is no question there is beauty in crystals and stones that appeal to most of us. That alone will always keep them desirable. But for many the mystery surrounding them is equally compelling. There is also the influence of Asian culture that has developed an awareness of our need for balance and stress management in our often hectic lives. Meditation being one of the elements of that culture sometimes encourages the use of stones or crystals. There are other cultures known for this as well. American Indian, Ancient Ireland and Scotland are just a few that believed in this practice. Did they know something?
Let's begin with known fact. Scientifically speaking there is no documented evidence stones and crystals can heal or give off special properties to the wearer. However, we do know as a fact that crystal, primarily quartz, vibrate when an electrical current is sent through it. Because of this ability quartz crystals have been used in such things as watches, clocks, phonographs, hearing aids, and more. The discovery that quartz vibrates is largely responsible for the metaphysical rebirth resulting in the "New Age" movement.  We also know that energy surrounds us and indeed as humans we are made up of energy.   Now, I'm not a scientist and though I love science, I'm not going to get into it anymore than what I've just said. Much information is available all over the web for those wanting more specific details. However, since I do use natural stones in my jewelry along with researching and sharing their supposed properties, I feel it's only right to reveal what I think about the power stones may or may not have.
So where do I stand on the power of stones? For me it's very basic and raw. As with all things, I hold the belief if it has not been proven not true then the possibilities are there. For example, I love mermaids. I've never seen a mermaid. So far the evidence that they exist is surrounded by suspicion and probable fraud. While I do have serious doubts of their existence (outside of my mind) I've not seen evidence they do not exist. And I could apply this to several things right?  So I keep an open mind with all things that cannot be proven one way or the other. If undisputed evidence is presented on any subject then I'll adjust my beliefs. Until then, I'm allowed to believe in possibilities.
Now let me get to the bottom line. I strongly believe in the mind and body connection. If the mind believes the body follows or at least there is a better chance as far as things within our control. The mind can make a person ill just by thoughts alone. Mental attitude has also been shown to make a difference in a persons recovery. Therefore, if wearing or holding a certain stone or crystal helps you focus the mind on the attribute you wish to create in your life, then I believe stones have a benefit.  It's not uncommon for people to use focal points in their lives for these purposes. Focals are symbols used as reminders of goals we wish to accomplish and changes we are striving to make. Items that one uses to bring their attention to a certain emotion they wish to invoke can be very effective. It creates the condition of the mind and body working together in unity and with purpose. And that can be very powerful.
Example. I have two paintings from an artist friend that I purchased for the sole reason of what they symbolized to me. One is an owl, which reminds me of the long road I've traveled and the wisdom I've gained. That purple owl with the knowing eyes says " Do not allow anyone to take your spirit or define you girlfriend. You know who you are and don't you forget it". The other painting is of black birds. One of my favorite songs is "Blackbird" by the Beatles. Paul McCartney wrote that song for the people of Arkansas during the civil rights movement. Being from Arkansas it's a powerful message to me in remembering humanity and the importance of freedom. Freedom for the whole of society but also freedom to live as my own person. I find listening to the song and gazing at the painting very inspiring and a reminder to stay true to who I am and that there is always hope and it's never to late to follow dreams. Do either of these art pieces possess  powers on their own? No. But when combined with my associations with them, they become tools. They become powerful to me. They work for my intentions.
I wear my stone bracelets and amulets as reminders of things I wish to develop within myself or weaknesses I wish to overcome. They are tools for emotions I desire to control and strengths I aspire to build. Since all stones are assigned attributes, it's easy to pick the ones I need for my purposes. They also feel good. Pure stones feel good. They seem to be filled with life. I find the cool temperature and solid weight of them when I pick them up to be soothing. The textures feel rich and nurturing much like the earth. Imitations will never have the same feel as a true natural stone. And I will admit, I am a stone snob.
But wait, there is more to the attributes of stones and crystals. Who does not love the beauty of light shining through a faceted crystal? How you translate that feeling is your personal experience. For me it is energizing yet relaxing, inspiring and of course beautiful. The array of natural colors can be exquisite . Science has proven colors do have therapeutic effects on people. That is a fact. Stones and crystals come in an array of colors to suit your spiritual and/or fashion needs.
One last thing to consider. As a child, did you love rocks? It seems everyone loved rocks when they were a kid. We were naturally drawn to them. We were honestly pulled to them by nothing other than our feelings. I collected rocks not because I knew anything about them. If I saw one I liked, maybe a neat shape or color pattern, I picked it up and kept it.  Guess what? I still do. A  cool rock does not have to be worth a dime to be special, give you a little smile and bring some secret warmth to your eyes that does not need explaining. A pure and simple action that brings joy.  It seems as humans we have a strong connection with these fascinating gifts from the earth. In my heart, that says something and it's something I don't really question. Do they have powers? Honestly, I don't know.  I just go with what feels natural, soothes my spirit and makes me smile. Rocks, stones, crystals... have always made me smile. It is as simple as that and that is enough for me.   ~Ginger Baker Thomson
I would love to hear your personal experiences with stones and crystals if you have any to share.

Two rocks my children gave me when they were little, one from my son, the other from my daughter, one because it looked like a heart, the other like a bear. No matter where I go, I always have these with me.


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congrats on the new blog. I found you from etsy blog team. I love the stones from your kids they are beautiful. Our kids like to find things in all the stones and rocks they find too!

Thank you Shan! My kids are

Thank you Shan! My kids are all grown now so the rocks are even more special to me.... now that I have twin grandbabies perhaps I'll get more Rocks, lol. Thanks for dropping by!!

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