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Fluorescent Light Cover Up

In order to visit my family regularly I have a little "away" studio apartment I keep. It's small but totally works for my needs. Not only does it give me a private place to crash and recharge but I can bring my work with me and keep business running. I also have fun finding small ways to personalize it without going into anything major or expensive. The fluorescent light above the sink seemed to need something. So with a bit of loopy chain and some chandelier crystals... wah lah... a simple easy cover up that I think looks quite pretty. I'm not crazy about the paper towel holder being there... but after trying to figure out where to put it, I understand why it ended up there. Space is very limited.  Maybe I'll come up with an idea for that later. I do love love the green mailbox I found at a local flea market. One of the other fun things I do while visiting "back home" is trove flea markets to  find little treasures to make my hide a way feel welcoming and fun.


Since Zebra is my signature and used in my branding for my Jewelry business, this bright green zebra scrap book paper worked great for my plan. Nothing difficult, just cut a strip and taped the ends. Then I added two clear self adhesive hooks to each end and attached the crystal chain. Yes, super easy. But not everything has to be a Home Depot project!! I'm using the colors of Lt. green, purple and lots of white in my space. Happy fresh colors!!


The crystals already had hooks on them so were a snap to put on. Fast instant gratification is sooo fine.

Not sure if I'll add anymore crystals yet, still thinking on that one, but it could easily be done. There are a couple copper spoons on each end that I really like so who knows what else may end up there. With the pinched nerves I'm dealing with in my neck at this time... this will do ..for now.  (the paper towels are bugging me though)

I doubt I'm through with this little area but having to sit on it for a bit. I love the mailbox but not sure that's where it needs to stay and again.... that paper towel thing... uggh,...  maybe I need to move the mailbox and decorate the paper towel thingie....we'll see how that goes. ;)  suggestions anyone??? 

So that was my little midnight project. It was easy, made me smile and sometimes that's enough. :)



Succulent Shells


I'm trying my hand at growing succulents after drooling over them on Pinterest for some time now. These are still small so I thought perfect for some of the shells I have laying around.. what cha think? cute huh?

                                           Sunrise Cactus

I'm starting with a rooting and hoping it will turn into the the blooming beauty it's suppose to.

                                          Royal Ruby Hen and Chicks

These are still babies, I'm looking forward to watching them grow and make more little chickies!

                                                   Euphorbia Cactus

The sculpted fan shape of this cactus begged to be brought home, so of course I listened!! Isn't it the coolest thing. I've read these, like most cactus, are very easy to grow and will bloom. Even without blooms the shape alone makes this one a stand out! 


OMG... Look at this amazing blue Orchid I found. I have never seen one in this color and could not resist snagging it. Now the trick is keeping it alive!!!! 

I just read another blog that had this beautiful Orchid that said the nursery that grows these, has a special process for making them blue but any new blooms will be white :(  So now I am on a mission to figure out how to do this myself!!! Guess I better enjoy them while they last!! Dang it! LOL


Home Made Costumes

They may not win any prizes but hardly cost me anything and were simple to do, very little sewing if any by using already made clothes changed up a bit. Here's a few that may inspire some ideas.

This one I literally threw together the night before a gig my husbands band was playing. It started with a cocktail dress that I liked but never wore. Just one of those. I got it on sale and had a second in another color so sacrificed it for the cause. Guess you could say it's a very eclectic, maybe sexy witch sort of thing. LOL

Sweetie's costuming was the good ole standby, easiest of them all, sheet over the head, ha. The dress was originally longer so I cut it off in jagged edges, but ooops, cut it way to short. Thankfully I always have some Boa's stuffed back in my closet. We all do right? A pink one was sewn under the edge of the dress and a mistake turned into a much funner look. I already had the hat, cape, fishnets, boots and used a metal bat decoration as a necklace. Being the bling diva I am extra rhinestones were added to the bodice. A finish of body glitter promised the sparkle I live live live for. I really enjoyed this one the most of all my outfits and received a lot of compliments on it. It was comfortable and felt natural for me. Could it be the hat? hmmm.. Did not have to spend any money or time running around town either!! That's one of my besties there, the little devil. She was an angel earlier in the night, cute!

Sweetie was a riot playing his guitar with that sheet over his head. ❤(ˆ‿ˆԅ)

This one took a little more time but still easy and cheap. I found a wedding dress at a thrift store. Since it was out of season, it was in storage and not on the floor (it pays to ask) and the zipper was broke. I snagged it for 10 bucks!!! I couldn't help but wonder what the original bride would of thought if she knew I was hacking it up. The band that year had a zombie theme so I went as a mixture Corpse/Zombie bride.

On this one I cut the front of the outside away into a V shape and left the netting underneath to hang below that. Another faithful Boa, black, was then attached to the front area. The Boa feathers are great for filling in around areas you umm want filled in around. It only took a couple short nights after work to paint all around the train, which was long. I used light blue, royal blue, black and  some white for blending and just did feathery strokes all around the edges. Silvery glitter paint was applied to the very outside edge. You can't really see it well in the picture but some coppery clay colored paint was sprayed around,  after all it is Georgia and that dang red clay gets on everything especially crawling out of a grave.   This time I did make some purchases. The laced up platform (stripper) boots were ordered online and so much fun to wear. Keep in mind these were adult rock gigs we were playing in bars or clubs. Another reason not to invest in something grand. The veil was an inexpensive one from Hobby Lobby, just a little puff in the back and equally darkened up. The flowers were purchased and later blackened up a little with paint and wrapped in black ribbon. I wish I had a picture of the back. The broken zipper was an easy fix by taking large silver robe cord, punching holes on each side of zipper and then lacing the cord cris cross and tying. It just added to the ripped up look so that worked. One thing I would change is to wear sheer white hose under the fish nets. Oh well. Now the makeup, uggh.... could have done much better on that but ran out of time that night. It was suppose to look more white but ended up this weird glowy patchy yuk. while the eye make up smeared before I was out the door, a total mess.  It was only going to sweat off anyway,  and I was a corpse so who cared. But I'd do it different if I had a do over. I'm really not a blood and gore gal so that was not going to happen, besides, I had only been dead a short time.

Here we have yet another Halloween Gig and Gangster was the theme. Really the only thing I purchased for this were the machine gun oxford heels. Again, I had the hat, the red/white Boa, bow tie and the top which was a black pinstripe that I put with a straight black skirt. For fun I added the furry angle cuffs. Those were one of those buys I was not sure I'd ever wear but something in me had to have them. I figured they'd be good to add to the costume trunk if nothing else!! Not pictured is the black trench coat, which I arrived in since it was chilly out.  Not thrilled with the make up here, or lack of makeup... obviously something I need to work on. Usually I'm a light hand with make up and was just not in the mood for the paint that night. The thing is, it gets so hot at these gigs, it's usually smeared half way through the night so light seems to be better in the long run! (Yes, I do have a collection of netted stockings.. for emergencies of course)

When taking these pictures I had no intent of a blog or I would have done better ones. Still, I'm sure you get the general idea and no doubt can come up with even better creations.  It can be loads of fun and does not have to cost a fortune to have something uniquely your own... hit the thrift shops and start a costume box if you dress up a lot. Most of all, HAVE A ROCKIN FANTASTIC TIME!!!!      (>‿◠)✌


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