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Beef Cheese Ball

This recipe makes a huge amount so it's great for parties or to make and share. But it's so hard to stop eating that you'll be glad you have plenty. I've never made a smaller batch so you'll have to adjust the recipe if needed for that. I love bringing this to the lake to munch on while boating and it's always a hit. Equally popular for the Holidays and nice to drop off a dish of it to a neighbor or two. Enjoy!!

1 4oz jar Dried Beef

3 - 8 oz packages Cream Cheese (softened)

1 cup chopped pecans (can add more if desired)

1 small can chopped black olives

(you can also add 1 small can chopped mushrooms but we don't like them so I don't)

1 cup chopped green onion

2 TB fresh chopped garlic or 2 tsp garlic salt - or to your taste

Using large mixing bowl add cream cheese. Chop up dried beef, green onions and pecans. Add all ingredients and mix well. If using fresh garlic sautee first in very small amount of butter then add. Can season with Ms. Dash also if you like. 

Shape in ball or your prefered shape. Can serve immediately or refridgerate for later.  

This cheese ball is wonderful to put in decorative tubs or dishes, throw in some gourmet crackers and take to a neighbor as a gift during the Holidays. As you can see, I have three containers here from the one recipe. I'll dress them up a bit, maybe add a cute cheese speader and you have a personal and delicious gift! Could even throw in some wine ;)



This is the cookbook my beloved Grandma Boyd used.. as you can see, she put it to very good use.. over time of course she no doubt did as all cooks do and tweaked and created her own dishes, most of which I'll be putting in the family cook book I'm putting together. But I'll also share a few of them here, not only from her but from other members of my family as well.  I can't help when I look at this with her handwritten name inscribed across the front to feel a deep surge in my heart.. she was a special lady with so many talents. A simple farm women who made clothes without patterns, quilts, gardens and art.. I miss her.


Don't hate me cause I'm ugly..

If you like Tuna, If you like cheese.. you've GOT to try this

recipe.. don't judge, just trust me.. find recipe below.. :)



Peace ~  ~ Ginger

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As promised, I'm back and ready to add the first family secret recipe, lol.

This is a very humble recipe but one I grew up with. You will have to go into this with a very open mind as it is going to sound....very weird... so just trust me.  It's the kind of recipe that's perfect when you just want a little something for yourself or a quick and easy bite for the family that's satisfying, quick, inexpensive and super easy. My daughter started making this for herself when she was 10.  I've never served this to guest because, well frankly, as I said, it sounds weird and at first look may sound strange and I've yet to figure out a truly "beautiful presentation".. not even a cute one.. it's just not like that.  But if you like tuna, if you like cheese, I can almost promise you that you will quickly fall for this little freakiest number. I loved it as a kid and so did my kids. I've not seen it anywhere else nor have I been served it anywhere else so decided to risk the "are ya kidding me's?" I'll probably get and let loose of it and share. Hey, if it's not your thang... no biggie.. you will either hate it or love it.. Give me some Lifetime, a bowl of this and a glass of wine.. and I'm a happy happy girl. Without question one of my "alone time" personal comfort food favorite recipes. Oh, and it's cheap and easy..  ;)

This will make either one very large serving or two medium servings


  • 1 can or package of tuna
  • Chow Mein Noodles - suit taste, usually around a cup to  1 1/2 cup  for one serving
  • 1/3 cup of milk
  • 1 cup cubed Velvetta cheese
  • 1 TB Sweet Relish

​You can play around with the cheese and relish to get the taste that's best for you

Put all the ingredients except the Chow Mein Noodles into a small sauce pan, cook over low heat, stirring often, until all the cheese is melted and it's nice and creamy.

Pour over Chow Mein Noodles....  Eat.

Put on your favorite show/movie or your choice of reading venue (book, Kindle,facebook), put your feet up and dig in because that's all there is to this one. And it's super after a day at the pool/beach for some reason..

I made this batch for my lunch today so did not go all out on the photos which I know is a cyber no no, but seriously, this is just not one of those. It's just a good ole, simple, homey, different, favorite little secret of mine. :)



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