How can I pay?

We use PayPal as our payment processor, so we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Or, you can pay using your PayPal balance.

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Is your site secure?

Yes. You pay through PayPal, the world's premier electronic payment solution, not through this site. We never even see your credit card number; PayPal just tells us that you've paid and we ship you your stuff. We get your money through PayPal later.

Do I have to have a PayPal account to buy?

No, you can pay with your credit card without a PayPal account.

How Do I Care for My Handmade Jewelry?

*Store your Silver and Copper handmade jewelry in a tarnish free cloth or in an airtight plastic bag. I recommend adding non tarnish strips which can be found at most craft stores in the jewelry supplies department and can also be ordered online. Exposure to air and humidity will increase the chances of tarnishing.

*Use soft polishing cloth to clean Sterling Silver and Gold. Keep a light touch. Copper is fairly carefree and can be polished as needed. 

*Resin pieces can over time loose some of their original shine. This can easily be restored with a light coat of car wax paste. Let dry and then gently buff with soft polishing cloth. Never scrape the surface of your resin pieces. Use soft damp cloth to clean. Do not store any items on the face of resin piece. I recommend storing your resin piece individually in the gift box you received it in or something similar. If silver, gold or copper chain is included, place around or behind resin piece and include tarnish strip in box.

*Do not wear handmade jewelry when participating in sports, sunbathing or swimming. Water and excessive sun can discolor your handmade jewelry piece.

*Stretch bracelets should be stored flat and not hanging.

*Do not sleep in your handmade jewelry.

*Jewelry with pearls, opals and most natural stones will need to be stored in fabric instead of plastic as they need to breathe.

*Do not twist, jerk or handle roughly your wire wrapped jewelry. It is a metal after all and can break if repeatedly bent. Store separately to avoid tangling with other jewelry.

*Avoid spraying perfume, hair sprays or other chemicals on your softer stones. Put jewelry on LAST and wipe with soft cloth when taking off to remove body oils, etc.

Remember handmade jewelry is wearable art and therefore should be treated with the same considerations as any art piece. Treat it with love and it will love you in return!!

Do you Do Custom Work?

Yes!! I love custom work. Please contact me about your custom piece. Policy for custom pieces is 50% down and 50% upon completion. I cannot offer returns on custom pieces however, it is important to me that you are more than happy and will work with you to make sure that happens.